Objectives/ Aims

 The main objectives of this project are:

  1. Use an extensive project management system to ensure the project is smoothly delivered
  2. Underpin effective project delivery by conducting a review of policy and practice in relation to drug recovery programmes across Europe
  3. Ensure the involvement of adults in addiction recovery and service providers
  4. Draw on data generated to develop material for an ‘Access to Learning’ Course Pack containing Core and Culture-Specific Learning Activities that address barriers to learning for recovering drug users
  5. Develop an Evaluation Toolkit to enable facilitators to assess the effectiveness of the Learning Activities
  6. Produce a Facilitation Pack containing the Course Pack and Evaluation Toolkit for trainers; this will also aid in wider dissemination
  7. Pilot the Facilitation Pack with service users and providers in each partner country
  8. Use feedback from the pilot studies to revise the Course Pack and Evaluation Toolkit
  9. Develop and follow a dissemination strategy including a website, social networking, publication of articles and Project Conference
  10. Develop an E-learning Platform to contain the Facilitation Pack, digital learning activities/tools and a Train the Trainers Module to aid use of digital resources
  11. Develop and follow a strategy to support exploitation of project outcomes beyond the life of the project and support take-up of the adult learning curriculum by other stakeholders across Europe
  12. Ensure that the project has an EU-wide impact using dissemination and exploitation activities

The main aims of the project are:

  1. The development of an asset based “Access to Learning” Course that will meet the needs of people in recovery. The course will be derived by the consultation of those who delivering support to people in recovery and those who are need in support.
  2. The enhancement of opportunities to people in recovery for social inclusion and community participation following a period of sustained habitual drug or alcohol misuse.
  3. The offering of an opportunity for adults in addiction recovery to locate and sustain a trajectory in Higher Education that takes into account specific barriers that socially marginalised people may encounter. This will be achieved by creating a dialogue between generic educators, people in recovery and drug treatment providers.