Project Overview

Access to adult education that encompasses an awareness of the issues prevalent in the lives of those in addiction recovery will benefit from consultation with those delivering support, and those who are in need of support, to ensure that programmes meet the needs of people in recovery. The aim is to work with both groups to develop an asset based ‘Access to Learning’ Course. This will seek to support and maintain participation in adult learning in order to develop Recovery Capital, build self-efficacy, and enhance opportunities for social inclusion and community participation following a period of sustained habitual drug or alcohol misuse.

The course would offer an opportunity for adults in addiction recovery to locate and sustain a trajectory in Higher Education that takes into account specific barriers that socially marginalised people may encounter. We aim to do this by creating a dialogue between generic educators, people in recovery (adult learners) and drug treatment providers.

A key factor will be the development of an Evaluation Toolkit designed to support educators to assess the impact of participation on self-efficacy and the contribution of learning activities to sustained participation in learning. The impact of the latter represents an innovation in the development of user-led resources to support enhanced Recovery Capital, facilitating social reintegration.

Project outcomes support the aims of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme by improving the attractiveness and accessibility of learning opportunities available to a group of adult learners who are particularly at risk of social exclusion and marginalisation. Successful engagement in further learning has the potential to increase their employability and social reintegration. Project aims are consistent, therefore, with EU strategies to develop more inclusive societies and ensure all citizens can access opportunities for lifelong learning and up-skilling throughout their lives.