Work package 3: Establishing context: Policy and Practice Review

Work package aim

Within the partner countries, different approaches to drug recovery may have evolved. Similarly, the role of learning within this may or may not be recognised. Other EU countries outside the partnership may have yet different perspectives on these issues. This work package will aim, therefore, to share knowledge of policy and practice across the partnership and the EU. The way in which the issue of drug use and treatment is conceptualised within each country is important because this may influence the self-perceptions of people on recovery programmes, affecting their attitudes to learning and their level of confidence in successfully engaging in adult learning. This WP will, therefore, provide a context for the development of focus group discussion materials and for course development in subsequent WPs.

Work package objectives

  • National Focal Points will be contacted in order to access updated and missing data. This data will then be supplemented by local knowledge from the partner countries. In order to ensure comparability, a template for information gathering will be developed.
  • Using this framework, an overview of policy and practice in relation to drug use and drug recovery programmes will be compiled, beginning with a broad pan-European focus before drilling down into the context-specific of the partner countries.