Work package 6: Development of a Draft Evaluation Toolkit for trainers

Work package aim

To develop a Draft Evaluation Toolkit that will support facilitators (trainers) to evaluate activities within the Draft Course Pack (WP5). It provides evaluation tools designed to aid on-going evaluation of learning activities. Together the Course Pack and Evaluation Toolkit comprise course content (in the form of the ‘Access to Learning’ Facilitation Pack) which forms the basis of the E-learning Platform, located on the project website.

Work package objectives

  • Identify and develop the theoretical base for the Draft Evaluation Toolkit.
  • Identify and assess current approaches to evaluation relevant to both adult learning and addiction recovery interventions.
  • Develop Evaluation Tools to assess the effectiveness of course activities and enable facilitators to measure meaningful outcomes for participants.
  • Prepare a Draft Evaluation Toolkit for facilitators, which will contain the set of Evaluation Tools and a set of Guidelines for their use.
  • Compile a Draft Facilitation Pack which incorporates the Draft Course Pack (WP5) and the Draft Evaluation Toolkit.