Work package 10: Exploitation

Work package aim

The primary aims of this WP are:

  1. Develop an efficient and comprehensive plan for sustainability and exploitation
  2. Integrate the products in partner activities
  3. Promote and support the integration of products within stakeholders’ practices and activities in partner countries and the EU

Work package Objectives

  • Achieve long standing sustainability and exploitation of the project outcomes in partner countries and the EU. With regards to exploitation activities, the goal of this WP is to create a plan and situations for further exploitation of outcomes, in particular the instructional materials, Evaluation Tools, and online environments. Lessons learned from the systematic evaluation of the user trials and reusable learning resources will be of great interest for user groups and stakeholders.
  • An important aspect of exploitation will be integration of the instructional material/tools into the practices and activities of the partners and of relevant public and private institutions.