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Destitution in the UK – JRF Report

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have released a report on destitution in the UK which looks at how many people are affected by this issue, who they are and the main pathways in and out of destitution. It also looks at the impact and experience of people directly affected. The full report can be downloaded at:


15 tips for successful study: Advice from previous students on how to get the best from your time at University

As we are mostly widening participation practitioners, we are aware of the numbers of university students who leave their course early and/or struggle with the work/life/study balance. Whilst these tips will not address drastic situations such as extreme financial pressures, ill-health or bereavement, they may enable a considerable number of new students. The intention of the document, below, is to alert new students to various strategies which may enhance their student experience.

The tips were a result of consulting students and student ambassadors to ask what they would have liked to have known before they started university. Our academic vice chancellor was also consulted before the document was made publically available. Whilst the strategies and tips maybe of most benefit to new students, a number of postgraduate students also contributed their own suggestions.

Widening participation students, by their very nature, are non-traditional students who may have not experienced the world of higher education in their upbringing. Consequently, new students from a variety of backgrounds are not familiar with utilising libraries, due to the closure of school and public libraries. The document encourages new students to physically visit their university library when they have the opportunity to familiarise themselves.

Dr. Melanie Thorley | Disability and Diversity Outreach Officer University of Greenwich

Check it out here.

International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (Volume 28)

The 28th volume of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education includes (July 3, 2015) is a special edition focusing on homelessness and education.

Check it out here.

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