RECOVEU - Second Project Meeting

The second RECOVEU Project Meeting, hosted by Partner 3 – St. Dimitrie Program, took place on the 11th-12th September 2014, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The meeting was held at Babeș Bolyai University. The face-to-face project meetings are intended to combine operational management and implementation of work packages, and are very useful in bringing together the diverse experience of all the partners in order to develop the best approach for the RECOVEU project.

The participants in the meeting were: Jane Rowley, Amanda Hughes, and Kim Slack from Staffordshire University, UK; Sotiris Themistokleous from Cardet, Cyprus; Gerry McAleenan and Sonya Dillon from Soilse, Ireland; Federica Catalfio and Fabio Tamburini from Cooperativa Sociale S.Saturnino, Italy; and Ion Copoeru, Nicoleta Amariei, Mihaela Stanceanu and Claudia Varga from St. Dimitrie Program, Romania.

The meeting covered important points in the life of the project, including: finalising the Review of Policy and Practice (Work Package 3), and discussing procedures for the focus groups with service users and trainers which will be conducted as part of Work Package 4. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss concrete issues such as recruitment of the target group (Service users and service providers/trainers), leading the focus group and developing the discussion guide.

Other issues addressed at the meeting were the next steps in developing the draft course pack that will consist of education and learning activities, and administration, reporting, the six month evaluation, finance, dissemination products and exploitation activities. All partners look forward to the next face-to-face meeting in June 2015 which will be hosted by Soilse in Ireland.