RECOVEU Project Timeline


  • Partners agree consortia: UK, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Romania.
  • Proposal submitted: “A participative approach to curriculum development for adults in addiction recovery across the European Union”.
  • Proposal accepted by the European Union Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme.
  • Submission included:
    • Aims and objectives
    • Methodology
    • European added value
    • Impact, dissemination, exploitation and sustainability
    • Actions and programme information
    • Work plans and work packages including deliverables – outputs, products and results (see

2014 – January to June

  • Kick-off meeting in England-roles in the project and their organisation profiled.
  • Project plan agreed. This included a communication plan, a consultation and resolution process, protocols for data collection and analysis, monitoring procedures, administrative procedures and risk analysis to identify any problematic issues that may arise with strategies and ways to respond.
  • Ethical approval received.
  • Six month internal evaluation report completed.
  • Ongoing work conducted on the following work packages (WPs):
    • WP1 – Management structures, processes and performance indicators;
    • WP2 – Quality assurance-evaluation and quality processes;
    • WP3 – Policy and practice review of drugs and social inclusion in the five partner countries;
    • WP4 – Focus group plans for producing data ;
    • WP9 – Dissemination plan; logo, leaflet, website, press, social networks etc;

WP10 – Exploitation, post project sustainability for the learning materials.