The Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council contribution through rehabilitation programmes and the establishment of the Centre of Multiple Interventions


In January 2015, the Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council (CAC) announced the opening of applications regarding their annual funding to rehabilitation programmes focusing on prevention, treatment, social reintegration and harm reduction. As part of the National Drugs Strategy (2013-2020) and its focus on social reintegration, CAC continues to provide the Financial Assistance Plan to people with a history of substance use dependence. In 2014, funding was provided to 29 out of the 33 people who applied. The funding covers individuals’ personal needs regarding employment/educational reintegration, studying fees, transport fees, housing appliances, and rent payment for a specific time period. An amount of € 47,889 has been allocated to cover the aforementioned.

In March 2015, CAC announced the establishment of ‘The Centre of Multiple Interventions’ which is a free therapeutic programme conducted under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health. The Centre includes the following programmes:

  • Counselling station: The station is targeted at adult drug users and their relatives who are seeking further information and guidance on drug use rehabilitation.  The Counselling station provides guidance and information on treatments available and enhances motivation for initiation and preparation of treatment. 
  • Early prevention programme: This is a short-term six month programme that targets recreational/experimental users (+22 years old) who are still able to maintain a regular social and personal life. Early prevention is considered a strategic way of encouraging drug use reduction with the ultimate aim of achieving complete drug abstinence.  
  • Psychological programme: This is directed towards adults using illegal psychoactive substances and their close family members. The programme specifications require the individual’s willingness to participate, absence of severe withdrawal symptoms and absence of emotional and behavioural difficulties. The aim is to promote drug use recovery and help users adopt a healthy drug-free lifestyle. 
  • Family-based therapy: This programme provides group and psychoeducational therapy to family members of drug users, irrespective of users’ recovery status. 
  • Gambling addiction rehabilitation programme: The programme is aimed at people who, as a result of gambling, have lost control of their daily life functioning. The aim is to achieve complete termination of gambling and help individuals regain control of their lives.