RECOVEU presented at Staffordshire University

The UK team recently presented a seminar on the RECOVEU project at Staffordshire University. The seminar is part of a series of ‘Research Conversations’ hosted by the University’s Faculty of Business, Education and Law. The events are well attended by both staff and postgraduate students. A key aim of the seminar series is to stimulate discussion around the process of developing and running research projects. Our seminar was presented by Jane Rowley who outlined the aims and objectives of the project, together with the rationale for its development.

RECOVEU aims to develop a participative curriculum for a specific group – adults in addiction recovery. It has its focus on making some culturally specific resources as well as core resources to aid access to learning in addiction recovery. An important issue to consider from the outset, therefore, has been the cultural differences between partners in terms of language, interpretation and positioning. In addition, partners each have different specialisms and priorities and we are learning how to manage these, whilst meeting the project brief and balancing this with continued engagement in the work over three years. We are coming to the halfway point in our project and have progressed well, but the process of collating different perspectives and keeping tasks on track is an ambiguous space in which we are all required to work in order to maximise the impact of the project.  

Participants in the seminar have either worked on similar EU-funded projects or are hoping to collaborate on such projects as part of their continuing staff development.  The seminar presented a useful opportunity to share lessons learned and a lively discussion was had around some of the issues involved.