Recovery 2.0

Recovery 2.0 is a global movement and community of people who embrace a holistic approach to recovery from all addiction.

At our online conferences we share teachings on the power of yoga, meditation, 12 Steps, other spiritual programs, healthy relationships with people, food, money and the identification of one’s purpose and mission in life.

The speakers that are joining us this year have been blowing my mind in our interviews. You will see presentations from some of the finest teachers and thought leaders in the world on addiction and recovery such as:

  • Dr. Gabor Maté
  • Mary O’Malley
  • Johann Hari
  • Dr. Andy Mendenhall
  • Tian Dayton
  • Gabrielle Bernstein
  • Anand Mehrotra
  • Nick Ortner
  • Nikki Myers
  • Rolf Gates
  • Amrit Desai

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Each day from June 12-18th, we’ll broadcast 4 video presentations from this year’s expert presenters.

The full schedule of interviews and instructions for how to tune in will be emailed to you each day, so be sure to register!

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For those of you interested in Continuing Education Credits, we are offering 25 hours worth for those who qualify. The info is right on our home page.

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Don’t just survive addiction. Thrive in your life.