UK Recovery Charity Faces & Voices of Recovery (FAVOR UK)

The UK Recovery Charity Faces & Voices of Recovery (FAVOR UK) provide resources for people advocating for Addiction Recovery and support those who wish to share their own stories through Recovery Coaching and Advocacy. They organise the annual UK Recovery Walk, held this year in Durham where hundreds of people in Recovery from addiction walk together to share their stories and promote the fact that Recovery from addiction is possible. This is so well supported because it shares hope and the benefits of mutual aid. In September they launched a new resource, an advocacy toolkit for Recovery Advocates available here: They also have a range of helpful and considered resources at their website

In the UK the recovery advocacy movement is gaining traction, there are other organisations working on this and led by people in recovery. The Association of Recovery Community Organisations (ARCO) has been developed as a community that recognises the authentic voice of those in recovery and how sharing stories and practice can have a contagious effect much like the ideas found in Recovery Capital theory. This work acknowledges the diverse range of voices in recovery and the different ways people find and sustain their own recovery. However, a common thread is that recovery is possible, treatment can be effective and support is available. More information about ARCO and it’s foundations can be found here.

Dr Jane Rowley

Staffordshire University