“Hell and Back”

20160205On Sunday 31st January 2016, 50 members of the Recovery Academy of Ireland undertook “Hell and Back”, an intensive 10k obstacle course outside Dublin. The 27 obstacles included amongst other things starting off by going through a deep skip full of ice and water, climbing 10 foot walls, negotiating a swamp using overhead ropes, avoiding being shot with pellets, carrying tree logs up hills and crawling through water wrenched tunnels. All this occurred in deepest winter with mud everywhere. 37 men and 13 women undertook the challenge and all finished but one with a minor injury sustained, two dislocated fingers. A fantastic sense of achievement was felt by all those who participated and we are looking forward to another similar challenge in June. Most importantly everyone of the Recovery Academy participants worked in teams to ensure no one was left behind – the same approach we have to supporting people, their families and friends experiencing addiction.


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