“Recovery is Contagious” – RECOVEU as part of a presentation to the Health Committee of the Irish national parliament

In April 2015, Soilse, the Irish RECOVEU partner, was invited to present an overview of a recent report on recovery to the Health Committee of the Irish national parliament (known as the Dáil). The report, titled Recovery is Contagious – A case for the re-orientation of drug treatment and rehabilitation services in Ireland, grew out of Soilse’s work with recovering addicts.

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RECOVEU researcher gains Clore Social Leader Fellowship

Dr Jane Rowley is a part time research fellow on the RECOVEU programme based at Staffs. She has just been awarded a prestigious Clore Social Leader Fellowship. Over 160 aspiring social leaders from across the UK applied for a place on the 2015 Fellowship programme of which 18, from a number of UK-based charities, social enterprises and community organisations, were successful. The two-year Fellowship programme in which Dr Rowley will be participating, identifies, connects and develops individuals who have ambition to lead social change in their communities, organisations and the world around them.

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The Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council contribution through rehabilitation programmes and the establishment of the Centre of Multiple Interventions

In January 2015, the Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council (CAC) announced the opening of applications regarding their annual funding to rehabilitation programmes focusing on prevention, treatment, social reintegration and harm reduction. As part of the National Drugs Strategy (2013-2020) and its focus on social reintegration, CAC continues to provide the Financial Assistance Plan to people with a history of substance use dependence. In 2014, funding was provided to 29 out of the 33 people who applied. The funding covers individuals’ personal needs regarding employment/educational reintegration, studying fees, transport fees, housing appliances, and rent payment for a specific time period. An amount of € 47,889 has been allocated to cover the aforementioned.

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RECOVEU presented at Staffordshire University

The UK team recently presented a seminar on the RECOVEU project at Staffordshire University. The seminar is part of a series of ‘Research Conversations’ hosted by the University’s Faculty of Business, Education and Law. The events are well attended by both staff and postgraduate students. A key aim of the seminar series is to stimulate discussion around the process of developing and running research projects.  Our seminar was presented by Jane Rowley who outlined the aims and objectives of the project, together with the rationale for its development.

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Number of drug users decreases in Italy

In Italy, the latest Annual Report on drug use and addiction, regarding the results of the last semester of 2013 and the first semester of 2014, has been presented to the Parliament.

The general analysis on the tendency of drug users in the last 12 months, with reference to national population (15-64 years), confirmed the trend of a decreasing number of users, observed from 2010, for all of the drugs considered.

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RECOVEU Project Timeline


  • Partners agree consortia: UK, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Romania.
  • Proposal submitted: “A participative approach to curriculum development for adults in addiction recovery across the European Union”.
  • Proposal accepted by the European Union Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme.
  • Submission included:
    • Aims and objectives
    • Methodology
    • European added value
    • Impact, dissemination, exploitation and sustainability
    • Actions and programme information
    • Work plans and work packages including deliverables – outputs, products and results (see www.recoveu.org)

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