SANSAT has operated in Rome for 30 years. It has 150 social operators in different fields (psychologists, educators, trainers, care assistants). SANSAT is an ISO 9001 certified organisation and has implemented Management Control. It is founder of the Association of Social Enterprises ‘Città Visibile’ (visible city), created to promote innovation in the social sector, and of the Consortium Antares, 10 cooperatives brought together to promote and manage projects and activities in the social sector.

SANSAT organises the annual Master ‘Psychology of the Community and Learning Processes’ in collaboration with the University of Rome La Sapienza and has a steady relationship with the University of Chicago's De Paul for a Service Learning Project for students studying Italian language and culture.


SANSAT provides several interventions for disadvantaged people through an ‘Information and Guidance Centre’, an Educational Community for single mothers with children, which promotes entrepreneurship training activities. The Information Centre is part of a network of 11 Centres that inform and guide citizens towards services and social, health and cultural resources, both public and private. SANSAT has also cooperated in the programme Integra, in the municipality of Rome, which promotes operational and training activities addressed to refugees and immigrants. Moreover, SANSAT has a Consolidated Relationship of Cooperation with the social and health services for drug addicts, both public and private (third sector).

SANSAT provides services (through day-care centres, home care services, nurseries) that improve quality of life, support acceptance of difference, and stimulate social solidarity, particularly in relation to disadvantaged people, e.g. drug addicts and immigrants. In relation to drug addiction, SANSAT has developed a Model of Balance of Competences for drug users. It also manages a Vocational Guidance and Balance of Competences, Training and Employment project approved by the Municipality of Rome; 135 people have been oriented, 60 trained and 15 employed through this project.

SANSAT also has experience of EU projects, having participated as a partner in the project Active Model for Improvement and Self-Learning (Project No. 134528_LLP-1-2007-GRUNDTVIG-GMP) to improve services addressed to the elderly. The project has developed models for self-evaluation of the services and for the recognition and promotion of the informal learning of the operators.

SANSAT currently manages the project BIS – Balance of Social Integration for immigrant people and development and self-learning of the Intercultural Dimension inner to the learning organizations (Project No. 517989-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP).